Apr '22


Release Notes - April 2022


My Todo on Practice Page

  • From now on, users will be able to see their to-do section on the practice page only, where the to-do problems of users will be bifurcated between attempted and unattempted problems.

Attempted / Unattempted tabs on Practice Page

  • On the practice page, we've added two tabs: unattempted and attempted problems, where logged-in users can see problems based on their submission.

Contest Code & Contest Problem Submission Status in the Practice Section:

  • From now on, users will be able to see the contest code for each practice problem on the practice problem table. Also, contest problem submission status will be visible on the practice page only. The contest problems that have an AC correct submission will be seen as a green tick by default.

Doubt Support On 1 Star Level Problems

  • After getting amazing feedback and response for doubt support on  Beginner level ( 0 – 1000 rating ) practice problems, we have added doubt support to 1 star ( 1000 – 1400 rating ) problems as well. Here users can ask doubts like:

    • To Understand the problem statement or logic

    • Debug your submission if it isn't an AC

    • General queries related to rating, which problems to practice next, etc

  • Currently, this doubt support is active for the practice problems which have a difficulty rating from 0 -1400.

  • The Doubt Support service will be available from 10 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. IST on all days of the week. 

  • Who are the Doubt Solvers?

    • Our doubt solvers are CodeCheffers who have sufficient contest and practice experience on the platform.

  • To ask doubt related to practice problems you can click on the chat icon right below the corner of the problem page.

Feb '22


Release Notes - February 2022


Problem By Difficulty Rating On Practice Page

  • To improve the user experience and enhance the learning experience of users we have introduced numerical difficulty ratings for the problems. Any problem that has ever appeared in a rated contest will get a difficulty rating. 

  • There are two ways of viewing the problem buckets on the newly designed practice page.

    • The pre-defined ranges can be viewed in the Recommended section and it consists of

      Beginner level (rating 0 to 1000) 1* Beginner level (rating 1000 to 1200) 1* Advanced level (rating 1200 to 1400) 2* Beginner level (rating 1400 to 1500) 2* Advanced level (rating 1500 to 1600) 3* Beginner level (rating 1600 to 1700) 3* Advanced level (rating 1700 to 1800) 4* (rating 1800 to 2000) 5* (rating 2000 to 2200) 6* (rating 2200 to 2500) 7* (rating 2500 and above)

    • OR You can handpick the minimum and maximum rating of a problem in the Custom section.

CCDSA - CodeChef Certification Exam

  • DSA certification option has been added to the navigation menu under More from CodeChef.


New User Division - Division Four

  • New Division rating four has been introduced -
    Users with ratings less than or equal to 1400 will now be considered as division four rated users. Division 4 programmers will get easier problems to fine-tune their coding.

Paid Learning camps

  • Solve & Learn with Mentors We have added exciting new series of learning camps where you can practice, improve, and build your skills in Competitive Programming. Instead of just learning the concepts, you will have a hands-on experience by solving problems with your mentor. Your mentor will be other CodeCheffers who have benefited from the platform and are here now to help you level up.

Jan '22


Release Notes - January 2022


CodeChef DSA Certification

New Practice Page

  • We have re-designed the practice landing page to improve the user experience. It's just the start of some amazing enhancements that we plan to do for the community to improve their practice journey on the platform.

Mashup Contest

  • From now onwards, users can create a maximum of three running mashup contests

Division On User Profile Page

  • On the right side of the user profile page, above the CodeChef star rating, users can see their division.

Enhancements to Problem Submit Page/IDE

  • The custom input checkbox has been removed from the problem submission page/IDE.

  • The problem statement will be displayed by default if the user directly navigates to the problem submit page/IDE from the practice problem page.

  • On the problem submission page, the users will see the test cases that are currently running for their submission.

  • For all practice problems, the solution submits confirmation has now been removed.


  • Self-Learning and Mentored Learning have been added under the Learn tab on the navigation bar. On Mentored learning camps there are a series of learning camps where the mentor will be other CodeCheffers who have benefited from the platform and are here now to help you level up.

  • Self Learning

  • Mentor Learning

Bug Fixed

  • The discrepancy in Contest Stat Data has been fixed.

  • Some view solution pages were not displaying Psinfo, which has been fixed.

Dec '21


Nov '21


Release Notes - November 2021.


Create your own Mashup contest in a minute and compete

Practice/Contest related Enhancements:

  • Important links on Contest Page
    On the contest page, we have added a section name Important Links, which contains links to the contest's introduction, text editorials, and video editorials.

  • **Discussion Link on Practice Problem Pages
    **On all practice problems pages, now we have added a separate block that takes users to all the discussions related to that problem on the discussion forum.

  • From now onwards, on all submission pages for a particular problem users will be able to filter out solutions that are partially or fully accepted through the AC(Partially) & AC(Full) from the status dropdown option. Previously they were combined under AC only.

Snackdown 2021 Result**

Snackdown 2021 result page pushed live.

Oct '21


Release Notes - October 2021


Single Click Login

  • We now have single click log-in. This means users don't require to connect their Google account separately to log in to CodeChef. If the Gmail account (signed in to the browser) matches the one in their profile, they will be able to log in directly via a single click. It will work similarly with FB and GitHub connect.

Sign Up referral system

New Home Page

  • To provide a better user experience in the community, CodeChef has revamped the home page with a new design. We have tried to declutter everything and also made it responsive.

If you have any feedback regarding the same, do post them here.

Sample Input/Output extraction update

  • We have extracted the Sample Input and Output from (almost) all the problems that were created post 2015. This means that the users will get an option to copy the sample i/o in all these problem statements

Contest/Problem module

  • The problems in the ranklist will be sorted in the order in which they have been added to the problem page

  • The functionality to clear view-solution cache is now available

  • We now allow mass editing a single field of test data

Public release notes

  • We will also be collecting our public release notes in a single place. It will also have some least known features on CodeChef. They can be accessed at: https://codechef.releases.live/. Do bookmark it and watch the space for more updates.

Intimation to update institution/organization

  • Now, the users will be notified on the website if their institution gets denied (along with the link to update the same). Previously this was happening on email only

Video editorial toggle one Practice page

  • We now have a toggle that appears in the practice section. When the user enables it, only problems will video editorials will be displayed. Currently, this will not be visible on the Peers contest section

Tag page fixes

  • UI-related bugs on Tags Pages have been fixed. We have done minor enhancements to make it appear cleaner.

Do let us know what you think about them. If you face any issues, report to bugs@codechef.com. Please tell us about any other feature(s) you would like to see on CodeChef. We will be back next month with more updates!

Sep '21


Aug '21


Release Notes: July 2021


⭐ What's New

- New portal to create contests and problems

We have completely redesigned our portal for contest & problem creation and management. The old website which was used for problem setting is no longer needed. Apply to become a problem setter or host your own contest.

We have implemented many essential features which were previously missing and are currently working on adding more features as well. The newly added features are

  • Bulk uploading of test files

  • Bulk editing of time limits, and judges

  • Problem statement revision history

You can also have a look at all the problems and contests created by you, on the dashboard

- Copy button for sample test cases of a problem

For all the new problems created on CodeChef, you will see a button to copy the sample test cases to your clipboard. We will soon be bringing it for all the problems present on CodeChef.

- Login using the email address

There have been a lot of instances where users used to forget their CodeChef username. Till now, there was no way to get back your account if you don't know your username. Not any more. Now we allow both logging in and resetting your password using the email address you signed up with.

- Ability to view your (or others') submissions directly from the profile page

The profile page had a list of all your submissions for a long time, but there was no way to directly view that submission. It is now possible by clicking on the View button.

- Contest Page enhancements

We now show your scores on each problem when you hover over the tick icon. This feature was requested in our forum on this topic.

We also highlight the division you currently belong to, on the parent contest page when taking part in a division-based contest.

- Hide tags

You can now hide tags if you wish to when practicing old problems. This setting can be changed from the edit user profile page under the Additional tab.

- Duplicate user accounts

As you might be aware, having multiple accounts on CodeChef is against the Code of Conduct and may even lead to a permanent ban of all your accounts. But do not worry, we have added a portal to help you in getting rid of all your account(s) except the one you intend to retain. The same can be accessed here.

- Discussion Forum

We now display every user's associated Discuss profile link on their CodeChef profile page. We have added a "Back to CodeChef" button in the navigation bar on our Discuss forum, for easier navigation between CodeChef and Discuss.

🛠️ Fixes and improvements

- Better categories on the Tags page

We have segregated the problem tags into various categories. Now you can find problems using their topic, author, or editorialist for practicing however you like.

🗺️ What's Coming

  • We're working on a portal to manage pre-requisites and tags related to every problem on CodeChef

  • Fixes, and improvements to increase the stability of the website during a contest

These are all the big changes which we have made to CodeChef recently. Do let us know what you think about them. We have also fixed a lot of bugs in the last few months. If you face any issues, report to bugs@codechef.com. Please tell us about any other feature(s) you would like to see on CodeChef.

We will be back next month with more updates!

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